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Posener’s Pankration/MMA Curriculum for Personal Training Vancouver

Posener’s Pankration/MMA Curriculum for Personal Training Vancouver

Some students may want Personal Training to learn, develop and practice elements of the Pankration/MMA Curriculum for enhanced progress.

Personal Training Vancouver

Personal Training Vancouver

Posener’s Pankration/MMA Curriculum


Our goal is for the student, by the black belt level, to have developed good basics of striking and grappling for self defense, fitness, mental discipline and some sport applications. More specifically, the student will have developed good basics of Muay Thai and striking skills, wrestling attacks and defenses, Jiu-Jitsu skills for self defense and sport, improved mental discipline and constantly improving personal development.

Yellow belt:

Muay Thai: clean basic singular strikes- 6 basic punches, lead front kick, rear roundhouse kick, horizontal elbow, and straight knee with clinch and long straight knee.

Wrestling: Double leg attack and defense basics

Grappling: Basic mount attacks and defenses for sport and self defense.

Self Defense: Overhand right defense, Standing headlock defense.


Orange belt:

Muay Thai: Basic combinations of the 6 punches, elbow and knee combination basics, Basic kicking and punching combinations.

Wrestling: Takedowns from the back (ie. backward heel trip) and defenses from the back with sport and self defense applications.

Grappling: Guard attack basics, armbar, kimura, triangle, guillotine, and guard passing and guard sweeping basics with sport and self defense applications.

Self defense: Rear grab defenses. Double lapel grab defenses.


Purple belt:

Muay Thai: elbow 3 combination, basic and intermediate 3 and 5 punch combinations in a cross fire pattern. Lead to lead. Multiple roundhouse, knee and front kick strikes with rhythm.

Wrestling: Roundhouse kick and catch attacks and defenses with mma and muay thai techniques. Single leg attack and defense basics. **( lifting, dumping and driving).

Grappling: Side mount attack and defense techniques.

Self defense: Side shoulder grab defenses, basic stick defenses.


Green belt:

Muay Thai and wrestling flows: attacking with striking to takedowns offensively and defensive takedowns countering basic strikes.

Grappling: Free flow grappling with fluid transitions from position, submission and striking. Intermediate back mount submission flows,

Self defense: Rear straight punch defense with all ranges of counters including striking and grappling from kicking, punch, trapping, to grappling. This is a conceptual building block.


Blue belt:

Pankration/MMA integration with Semi-free sparring concepts of all basic strikes incorporating fluid transitions from the different ranges of combat.

Basic and intermediate takedown and submission combinations

Grappling:  Basic and intermediate Omoplata attacks and defenses.

Self defense: Grab defenses employing primary target distractions and fluid combinations of striking to locking/choking, to takedowns while the defender remains upright and/or mobile.

Red belt:

Muay Thai and Striking: explosive plyometric strikes. ex. Jump punch, jump knee, jump kick.

Wrestling: More advanced takedown combinations incorporating counter for counters with two or more combinations.

Grappling: More advanced lockflow and submission combinations for sport and self defense.

Self defense: Standing lockflows with striking combinations emphasizing Small circle Jujitsu principles.


Black Stripe:

Shootboxing techniques with good basics in semi free sparring and sparring.

Grappling: Technique and strategy modifications for opponents with different body types.

Self defense: Jiu-Jitsu applications defending various strikes with grappling only.


Black Belt:

The realization of the initial goal. Review and improvement of previous material. Black belt essay. Physical test. Mixed Martial Arts Test.

Self defense: Basic concepts applied to impact and edged weapons.

Personal Training Vancouver

Personal Training Vancouver

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