Strength and Conditioning Vancouver

Slav Skender Strength and Conditioning Vancouver Testimonial

Slav Skender Strength and Conditioning Vancouver Testimonial

Strength and Conditioning Vancouver

Strength and Conditioning Vancouver

My name is Slav Skender and I am 61 years old. I have been attending Kel Lees Academy of Martial Arts operated by Sensei Simon Posener and several skilled instructors for the last 5 months. I am enrolled in the weight loss and strength program run by Gustavo on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. To date I have lost 40 lbs and have gained an impressive amount of core and muscular strength. I seem to be addicted to the weight and core training provided by the program. I wholeheartedly endorse and encourage others of all ages to join.

Regards, Slav Skender

Here is some information on our Personal Training Vancouver program:

 We can help you achieve your goals.

Weight Loss Improved Fitness Peak Conditioning Toning Strength and Endurance Improvment Overall Health and Energy Development Body Scultping Sports Performance

Our program can be designed to your specific objectives. We enjoy seeing you succeed. We will provide objective measures of your progress, if you follow our program, and you will feel tremendous satisfaction of the results you have achieved; consequently, your self-esteem, confidence and overall energy will improve. We are happy to provide various coaching options and consultations to keep you on tract, evolving, motivated, encouraged and disciplined. Your success is our success.


Utilizing a clean diet, (implying foods with less processing and chemical additives), which is well planned, prepared, regular with snacks to keep blood sugarstabilized, well hydrated and portion controlled, we will help you, by choice, enjoy your food and fuel your body for peak performance, health and energy.

Diet is a huge factor in health and there are a variety of challenges that people encounter in achieving their goals. Our experience, sensitivity and awareness can help you eat for health, success and improved energy and performance. You will see and feel the benefits of success.

We will help you recognize your cues and eat less emotionally and eat more conscientiously. We will help you in developing awareness of your habits, develop replacement positive habits, via our consultations and training, and give you the skills to apply your knowledge for your evolving success.

Our Philosophy of Health, Fitness Vancouver and Performance

Mission Statement : To bring out the best in our students/clients and ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually in the long term through health, fitness Vancouver, mixed martial arts and personal development.

Our goal is to provide holistic approach to fitness Vancouver, health and performance improvement. By working with an individual, we can design a balanced, comprehensive and specific program to develop the mind, body and spirit to the highest level.

Since lack of mental discipline, skills and knowledge are often the key factors in people not getting the results they desire, we will develop these essential skills with a variety of tools depending on the individual.

The name of the game is results. We will demonstrate results objectively with measurements, pictures, weight and body fat logs, objective performance measures ( ie. max weight lifted, max # of reps in a determined period of time of a particular exercise for a particular area and quality), and various endurance and strength tests.

We view the body as a temple and we want to promote clean habits and abstain or limit things that detract from our goals and potential.

Personally, as a Christian, and having a respect and understanding for a variety of perspectives, I want to evolve our connection with our body/temple where God/holy spirit can reside within us and promote personal development. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, a strong mind/body connection is typically a positive and a worthy goal and endeavour.