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My Vegan IF/PF Lifestyle Update: WFPB up – Personal Training Vancouver

My Vegan IF/PF Lifestyle Update: WFPB up – Personal Training Vancouver


Simon Bicycle Commute

Sunny weather helps the bicycle commute and emission reduction: Personal Training Vancouver: August 2021 57 years.

I started journaling or chronicling my evolving health journey a few years ago. It has been a few months since my last post and I thought it a good time to update my evolving conceptual applications. I have been pursuing the Vegan lifestyle for approximately 3 years now and have made some improvements in my health journey. My increased adoption of the gold standard of consuming a greater degree of Whole Food Plant Based, WFPB, nutrition has improved, but certainly not complete.

I must say Gardening helps adopt more WFPB nutrition. The benefits of the WFPB lifestyle are so numerous that I would encourage others to educate themselves. I have derived benefit from studying many passionate medical professionals in this area, Dr. Klapper, Dr. T.Colin Campbell, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Gregor and others,  and the corroboration of evidence is clear. The science is also becoming more detailed and confirming. So take a look and if anyone is interested in my perspective, I am happy to help.

Again the benefits of this lifestyle help: 1. The Climate Change Challenge 2. Personal Health and Disease reduction, elimination and prevention 3. Ethics for sentient beings, which means that animals can feel and have desires. One of their desires is not to be killed. In my opinion, the time to change requires this consideration and if they are killed, at least…. done respectfully. And.. 4. The newer area of Performance improvement. Some of these concepts are discussed on my previous Blog Post:

Other posts cover. Junk food and the role of hormones of Grehlin for hunger and Leptin for satisfaction:

One more post from the past.

I want to keep this brief. It is an exciting area and, in I am curious on the possibilities of Natural health. My results, in my opinion, are decent. I do feel my energy level is good, my weight is the same, and my performance is decent considering my personal level and challenges. Perhaps not YouTube sensation level but success is certainly relative and I am relatively pleased with my level in comparison and consideration of the past. Success measures are personal and I encourage others to do Their Best, accept their personal challenge… and go see.

During Covid-19 my PF discipline has tapered, due to boredom but somewhat accounted for by increasing the level of Whole Plant Foods bursting with micronutrients especially during summer awesome production months.. I will resume that to hopefully help the Natural stem cell production and injury healing concerns I have, and I will hopefully have a positive update in the future.

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Simon Posener Personal Training Vancouver

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It sure helps having a beautiful wife, who is also on her own personal health journey so we can often travel together as a family. It has been 9 years now …. a big positive.. 🙂 Check out her site: She offers Personal Training Vancouver sessions.

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Heidi of HV Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition for Personal Training Vancouver

In conclusion, I am hoping to stimulate understanding, knowledge and personal growth. If anyone has any questions in this area, I am happy to help. You can send a message through this website or our MMA Website: Posener’s Pankration/MMA, Muay Thai and Submission Wrestling

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